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    We stab a snake, poke an off-brand beholder in the eye, play board games and practice extreme botany.

    Let's kill our memories And get pixels
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    its video game time
  7. Susano/Lakshmi EX

    Let's get you nerds your 320 weapons.
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  9. I will only focus on the Single Target situation. The Basics Your abilities You have three combos: Hakaze-Yukikaze, of which Yukikaze causes a 10% Slashing Resistance debuff on the enemy for 30 seconds. Hakaze-Jinpu-Gekko, of which Jinpu gives you a 10% damage buff for 30 seconds. Hakaze-Shifu-Kasha, of which Shifu gives you a 10% skill and casting speed boost, effectively multiplying your GCD and cast times by 0.9, NOT dividing your GCD and cast speed by 1.1. With a cooldown called Meikyo Shisui you can do any three of your Weaponskills without the prior combo and still gain all the benefits. It is on a 80 second cooldown and should be used when your buffs will not drop from skipping Jinpu and Shifu. You also have an oGCD execute (available on targets below 20% HP) in Ageha, 250 damage with a 60 second cooldown and another benefit discussed later. Because of your pattern recognition abilities, you have noticed that your combos provide a buff to your damage on the second hit. Keeping them up is not complex because of their long duration and your other incentive to use said combos... Resource: Sen The last hit of all your combos generate a Sen of which you can have 3 at most. They are distinct, so you cannot simply use the shortest combo to get all three, but must instead use all of them. They are expended on your Iaijutsu skill, which dynamically changes into 3 other skills based on how much Sen you have. They are as follows: Higanbana, your DoT at 60 seconds long, it is your highest priority move if it will last on the target for most of it's duration. Tenka Goken, your AoE Sen spender, and it's strong at that. Always use this if you have 3 or more targets, rather than the following... Midare Setsugekka, your big-ass Single Target reward for gathering all your Sen. Nothing fancy about it, it just hurts a lot. Remember that your Iaijutsu DOES NOT interrupt your combo moves. You can, for example, do Iaijutsu after Shifu and continue with Kasha. By now you should understand the core of your rotation: Gather up Sen with your basic combos while not letting your buffs (and debuff) fall off, use it on your Iaijutsu spenders. Of course, that is not all, as you also have to manage... Resource: Kenki Generated by your combos abilities at 5 Kenki each with a bonus 5 for all combo enders, Gekko's and Kasha's only available if you hit your positionals correctly. Also granted by Ageha at 10 Kenki per use, 30 if it kills the target, as well as by the level 68 ability Hagakure by consuming all Sen, giving 20 Kenki per Sen at a 40 second cooldown. Kenki is used on your off-GCD abilities for damage, movement and for buffing your GCD abilities. Your Kenki consuming skills are as such: Hissatsu: Kaiten, your first and core Kenki spender. For 20 Kenki it makes your next Weaponskill 1.5x as powerful and it does buff the whole DoT of Higanbana. You want to use it for every Iaijutsu move. Hissatsu: Shinten, your excess Kenki spender. It does 300 potency damage for 25 kenki. You do not need to use it sparingly, just make sure to always save 20 for applying Hissatsu: Kaiten before your Iaijutsu. Hissatsu: Guren, your long cooldown ST and AoE line nuke. It causes a whopping 800 damage (which cannot be buffed by Kaiten, as it is not a weaponskill) to the first target hit. It is on a long 120 second cooldown, so saving it for even one extra target for up to about 40 seconds is a DPS gain. Hissatsu: Gyoten, your gap closer at a cheap 10 Kenki and 10 second cooldown. I believe it is worth using in almost any movement situation. Hissatsu: Yaten, your disengage with the same cost and cooldown as Gyoten. Also grants you Enhanced Enpi, which makes your ranged option do 3 times as much damage as normal. Not worth using for this effect for DPS if you can hit the boss, but it lets you do slightly more damage when you cannot get in close, like waiting out an AoE centered on the boss. Use Hagakure on cooldown with 3 Sen while not wasting the Kenki from it for maximum efficiency. Now you have a good grasp on all your abilities. It's time to move on from theory to practice. Opener: The study pays off Now to put the above into a practical opener, from which you can easily continue using all you've learned above. This opener has been calculated to be the strongest using my own Samurai Rotation Simulator spreadsheet (available here) and is as follows: GCD, oGCD Kasha Combo Hagakure Gekko Combo Hissatsu: Kaiten Higanbana Meikyo Shisui Yukikaze Gekko Hissatsu: Guren Kasha Hissatsu: Kaiten Midare Setsugekka This starter lasts about 20 seconds, fitting within the window of party buffs at pull and guarantees that your strongest buff, the Shifu speed buff, is up as soon as possible, that your first Higanbana is fully buffed (Yukikaze does not affect the DoT and the direct damage is negligible) and that you use both your cooldowns to get them charging without wasting their effects. From here on you continue your rotation, making sure your buffs stay up, remembering that Iaijutsu does not interrupt your combo. Opener: The one for your static As pointed out by ilifin (Vandes Aan) in the comments, the following opener is better if your group uses party buffs at around the 11.5 second mark, counting from the pull: GCD, oGCD Kasha Combo Gekko Combo Meikyo Shisui Hissatsu: Shinten Yukikaze Hagakure Hissatsu: Guren Kasha Hissatsu: Kaiten Higanbana Gekko Hissatsu: Shinten Hakaze Shifu Kasha Hissatsu: Shinten Hakaze Yukikaze Hissatsu: Kaiten Midare Setsugekka Longer and two double oGCD windows, but pulls slightly ahead the first opener in the opening burst if your party does buffs as mentioned above. BONUS WEEB TRIVIA I'm hopeless so here's some of the Cool Moves translated: Midare Setsugekka: loosely translated I would say it means "Turbulent Seasons". The first word means "disorder", "disturbance", "unrest", and the second one refers to the beauty of the seasons, being the kanji for snow, moon and flowers. Tenka Goken: referring and translating to "five swords under heaven", national treasures of japan. Higanbana: japanese name for the red spider lily, literally "hell flower" or "higan flower". Has ties to death and the afterlife in Japanese folklore and mythology as it grows near graves. Meikyo Shisui: "polished mirror, still water", a Japanese idiom for clarity and serenity. If you care I'll add more maybe. BONUS WEEB TRIVIA 2: RE-WEEBENING Let's go through the basic combos, why not! Hakaze: Very simply "Blade Wind", though I'd be tempted to translate it as "Cutting Wind" even if slightly incorrect. Yukikaze: Literally "Snow Wind", it refers to wind that brings, well, snow. Jinpu: "Gust". Maybe you're sensing a pattern here? Literally "Sudden Wind". Shifu: This was a bit harder, the first kanji is the "Samurai" radical (which is a thing you can look up but it's far less cool than it sounds) and the second is, as with all prior ones, "wind". Looking through online japanese dictionaries it seems to be "the thought pattern of a samurai or soldier". Gekko: And another simple one, it means "moonlight" or "moonbeam". Kasha: Kind of an odd one, literally it is "Flower Car", and a form of writing "Parade Float". There you have it. I might as well quickly touch on the Sen that the final hits of your combos grant you, as they relate to the moves. "Setsu" from Yukikaze is "Snow", "Getsu" from Gekko is "Moon", "Ka" from Kasha is "Flower". Together they are "Setsugekka" (alternatively read as "Setsugetsuka"), the same term that's in "Midare Setsugekka", the 3-sen Iaijutsu move.
  10. 1.0 ~ 1.23 2.0 "A Realm Reborn" 2.1 "A Realm Awoken" 2.2 "Through the Maelstrom" 2.3 "Defenders of Eorzea" 2.4 "Dreams of Ice" 2.5 "Before the Fall"
  11. End of Heavensward FC photo


    It switches to your local time because it's a HTML5 <time> tag
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    What timezone is the time listed supposed to be?
  13. End of Heavensward FC photo


    This will be pretty late for the euros, many of which are transferring servers
  14. End of Heavensward FC photo

    Gather up at Falcon's Nest, Coerthas Western Highlands to take a massive group photo to commemorate the end of Heavensward
  15. Stormblood patch note reading

    See for details Twitch: Youtube: Niconico:
  16. Hi I'm Dr. Quinn and I'm here to feed you some red pills, and show you how to open your third eye to escape the feeble laws of reality. Foreword, be discrete with this information, as the powers that be are always watching (which is to say, this stuff tends to get patched once it becomes common knowledge or SE catches whiff of it). As for getting in trouble yourself, I've never heard of people getting banned for goofing off out of bounds, but maybe avoid doing stuff that might be construed as cheating, like killing mobs while underground or what have you. YOUR TOOLS: - Shukuchi - You know those jumps to higher platforms that you just barely can't make? Shukuchi can get you there: When you use Shukuchi while midair, your character instantly drops to the nearest ground below them. But if you use it in the right spot, it can instead move you UP slightly if you're adjacent to and just barely below the platform you're teleporting onto. It's a weird thing and i dunno the exact mechanics of it, but it's great for getting places you're not supposed to be. Generally, you want to hit jump and shukuchi at roughly the same time, as this will cause the teleport to kick in at the apex of your jump. The timing may vary a bit depending on the jump and your ping. - Elusive Jump - Elusive jump seems to share a lot of the same properties as shukuchi, but it's a bit more unwieldy since you can't just pick the spot you wanna end up. Unless there's a wall to stop you, you'll usually backflip straight over and past the thing you're trying to get on top of. It has some situational use though, as it's the one movement ability that doesn't have any prerequisites to use - whereas shukuchi requires there be targetable ground in range, you can backflip whenever the heck you want. - Aetherial Manipulation - Unlike the other two, AM doesn't instantly send you to the ground when used midair, meaning you can fly across huge gaps with it. Use cases are slim though, as it requires you to have a friend in the proper position beforehand: Here's a few example OOB spots I know of. A lot of them have been around for years and are (relatively) well known, so they're probably low risk of being patched, but still, discretion n all that. BEGINNER LEVEL: An easy and fun one, just jump and wiggle against this box and eventually your molecules will vibrate fast enough for you to phase through the wall. Having a high framerate apparently helps here, so try turning down your graphics settings and uncapping your framerate if you're having trouble. This zone is huge and there's a lot of cool places to explore: You don't have to wait for stormblood to go for a swim! Interestingly, the ninja trainer house isn't a separate instance, it's just a black box underneath the world. Another huge zone with plenty to explore and lots of verticality. There are essentially multiple layers to this zone, with the church on top and the sylphlands at the bottom. A handy tip demonstrated in this vid: if you get stuck in the falling animation forever (a common occurrence outside the program), you can free yourself with shukuchi or elusive jump. INTERMEDIATE: A little more involved than the last two with some tricky rock climbing. The lake at 2:25 is surrounded by invisible barriers and impassable, however it's possible to sidle along the cliff face to the right. Eventually you'll find a path up to the big plateau in the center of the zone, where you can get a nice view of Ul'dah. YOU'RE BASICALLY NEO AT THIS POINT: This one requires a series of precise shukuchi jumps, and if you mess any up, you start over. If you make it though, you get to lord it over those goobers who think they're cool for getting on top of the rock in the plaza. Heavensward was loaded with other oob spots at launch but most were very quickly patched out, and this is one of the few that remain. (Supposedly it actually was patched once before, but they only succeeded in making it slightly harder.) We're probably gonna see a similar situation in the first few weeks of stormblood's launch, so keep your eyes peeled for weird geometry and such. There might even be new shenanigans to pull with the leylines teleport and the healer kidnap move. HOUSING: - The Butt Launcher By arranging a stump stool and a savage arc of triumph in roughly this configuration, you create a glitch in the matrix that can launch your character to the roof of a large plot house. Simply /sit on the stool and then jump straight up. The butt launcher is a finicky beast - the positioning needed for the items is very exact and will vary with the type of housing glamour. For PBC's paissa house, I needed to add these garden fence things so that you don't just pop out the side of it. You can see it in action here: On the subject of housing area oobs, many large houses allow you to get high enough to jump straight over the invisible barriers, such as in this example. One very easy and well-known example in the mist was patched a while back. I suspect there are probably more, but I don't have roof access to every large plot to test it out. STORMBLOOD UPDATE!!! Yeah, there's just a big ol honkin hole in the wall in fringes. This one's pretty well known at this point, expect it to not be around much longer. KUGANE is a platforming paradise filled with junk to climb, and not all of it intentional. There's loads more than these, just poke around with shukuchi and elusive jump and you'll eventually find yourself someplace you're not supposed to be. (hint for another: try backflipping in a certain spot in ijin district)
  17. huffing air horn gas

    Now that's a thread title!
  18. huffing air horn gas

    clears: o1s - 07/18/2017 o2s - 07/21/2017 o3s - 08/08/2017
  19. we do raids and use discord and aren't recruiting right now. members: Can't Even (porgo) Cosmos Cookiecake (corgo) Kharagal Malqir (shooberino) Khajisertan Dalamiq (shibe) Amelia Little (heckin angery woofer!!) The Associate (shoober) Donut Puppycake (yapper) Jupiter Sky (big ole doggo) C.U.N.C.
  20. Red Mage

    Red Mage Honestly only got this thread going so it's easier for me to come back to for any juicy tidbits I come across from Reddit and Youtube. Hardcore Red Mage Discord: You want to work on your new opener or figure out which keybind setup will work smoothly with half-finished tooltip information? Red Mage Ability Simulator: I'll add the official abilities and the respective numbers once the 4.0 patch notes are released, until then refer to this handy google doc for info we've collected up until now.
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    The "Articles" section of this site works like a wiki - anyone can post informational articles here, which anyone else can then edit and update. Feel free to share combat rotations, crafting information, leveling guides or any other information you want to share with the community.
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